She Lifts & Separates

“You are a home wrecker.” 

My husband said dispassionately to me.

He was kidding of course.  It was something he said sometimes when joking with me about my chosen profession.

“I am not a home wrecker.” 

I replied, somewhat more tersely than usual.

“The homes come pre-wrecked.  My job is to help fix things — to try to sort things out into two separate homes.  I try to make things better.”

My husband smirked.  It was an expression I often saw on his face right before he was about to say something particularly amusing.

“So you lift and separate?”

I considered the notion.  I disliked the negative connotation that instantly sprang to mind regarding what such an analogy meant regarding my clients’ role in the matter.  Otherwise the catchphrase was apt.  As a family law attorney I do try to help people separate in a way that is positive.  And even after practicing more than a decade I still idealistically hope that my work for them helps lift them out of a dark place.  Many say that divorce is as traumatic as a death.  It is my observation that this is true.  My clients grieve the loss of their marriage, and they feel the pain of it as keenly as if a loved one had been struck down. 

So, perhaps it is naïve or fanciful… but I did not mind my hubby’s metaphor.  After all, I not only try to lift and separate, but support as well.

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  1. Yeah! Can’t wait to read everything you have to write Karen!!!

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